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Energy Shampoo

Capacity: 500ml

本产品适用于掉发严重的您。能帮助您控制脱发,增强发囊,平衡油脂和促进新发健康成长,通过调节头皮以限制头发稀疏的风险。配合Life Revamp Tonic 一起使用能更快的看见成果。

Energy Shampoo helps to strengthen the hair shaft and preserves scalp equilibrium to limit the risk of hair thinning by regularizing and normalizing action. Enriched with Hydrolyzed Soy Protein & Natural Plant Extract. Contains with CASHMILAN, partially hydrolyzed keratin from the noble and luxurious cashmere wool protected, repaired, strengthened and softening your hair with hassle free.